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Characters are the bare essentials to a roleplay. In this group, there are 4 races your character can be.

Bulletbronze by Wooded-Wolf  Humans

-They are the normal students who live in the school.
-They are more down to earth, and in touch with modern human society, such as modern technology.
-They can have normal skin and hair colors.
-They are smarter in general.

-They have physical human limitations (Such as the ability to get tired, need sleep, food etc.)
-They can't fly and have any other special abilities.
-There are no mixed breeds of humans (Such as half human/angel etc.)

Bulletred by Wooded-Wolf Demons

-Can morph into a human to trick people.
-Can fly.
-Don't need human necessities as a limitation.
-Can breathe fire and survive extreme heat (So they can survive Hell)
-Can handle cursed weapons.

-They don't like sunlight that well.
-Demons and angels naturally have a sense of competition around each other when it comes to dealing w/ humans.
-They dislike holy items such as a cross or holy water.

Bulletblue by Wooded-Wolf Angels
-Can fly
-Can protect humans.
-Can handle holy weapons

-They do not like being in dark places.
-They cannot handle satanic items.
Bulletwhite by Wooded-Wolf Ghosts

~(To Be Continued)
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Everphade High is a boarding school built on the invisible portal of the Spirit World. When the spirits came back to reclaim their land, it was Principal Goodheart who created a compromise to share the school's land. To be in the Spirit World, you do not have to be dead, as some people are just born a spirit. Those who are dead however, has a death linked with the school, and it's up to the Student Body (Name given to human students) to help the School Spirits (name given to spirits) find their cause of death.

When the compromise was completed and the school could live normally for a few days, Principal Goodheart has gone missing. Nobody knows where she could have went. Not the faculty, the spirits, the students, nobody. The only clues we have are the numerous hints scattered around the school, and it's up to you to find her!.


Roleplays are divided into 2 categories: Chapters and Events.

Chapters are the main stories players have to follow in order to advance.

Events are optional, but fun to take part in. Events can be the ability to get something for your character that can help him/her, or a chance to just take a break from the main story and go on a sort of "side quest".


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